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Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet

Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet

Our company has been specializing in manufacturing Rivet for many years, offering Shoulder Rivet, Solid Rivet, Carbon Steel Rivet, and Stainless Rivet with superior quality.

Semi-Tubular and Solid Rivet is one of the most efficient way to combine 2 parts. Cold forging procedure make semi-tubular rivet and solid rivet to endure great tensile force and shearing force. semi-tubular rivet and solid rivet are generally applied to many areas such as Hook, Helmet, Stationary, Casters, Leathe, Auto Parts, Airplane, and computer and electonic parts. Semi-tubular rivet and Solid rivet can be customize and specialized to fit your requirement.
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  1. Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet can be customized to make the specific size rather than standard: DIN6791, DIN6792, JIS B1215, DIN660, DIN661, DIN7338AB,ANSI B18.7, ANSI B18.1, ANSI B18.4.
  2. Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet for ROHS is available.
  3. Special Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet design for head and Knurling is welcome.
  4. Size for Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet : Body Diameter 0.8mm ~ 12mm.
  5. Material for Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet / 材質 / Material:
    。Carbon Steel / 鐵 / 碳鋼 / Stahl (Eisen),。Alloy/ 合金鋼
    。Brass / 黃銅 / ブラス(真鍮) / Messing,
    。Aluminium / 鋁 / アルミニウム / Aluminium,
    。Stainless Steel / 不鏽鋼 / ステンレス鋼 / Edelstahl.
  6. Finish for Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet / 表面處理 / 表面処理 / Oberfläche
    。No Finish / 不需表面處理 / 表面処理ない / ohne Oberfläche
    。White Nickel / 白鎳 / Vernickelt / ニッケル
    。Black Nickel / 黑鎳
    。Brass / 青銅
    。Zinc Cr6+ / 鋅六價
    。Zinc Cr3+ (Rohs) / 鋅三價 (Rohs)
    。Static Electronic Black / 靜電黑
    。Painting Black / 烤黑
    。Enamel Paint/ 烤漆/ Baking Finish/Stoving Varnish for All Colors
    。Dacromet / 達可銹
Fuction Description
  1. 10,000 Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet samples are available at hand for instant confirmation. You can get any free samples which TWCHS has at hand for free. TWCHS also helps you to do the sampling at TWCHS immediately. TWCHS also have hand tool rivet for your R&D sampling.
  2. Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet can be used on automatic riveting machine easily.
  3. Customer's Designs and Logos for Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet are Welcome.
  4. ODM for Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet is Acceptable.
  5. OEM for Special Rivet/Shoulder Rivet is Acceptable.
  6. To help the R&D for your new products, TWCHS helps you with the small quantity purchase order for your new product. TWCHS also helps your R&D parts testing and sampling which helps you have the best timing to get the purchase order globally.
  7. 30 yeared-professional material and technical information, such as raw materials, the best and economic way to make, standards & specifications to name a few would help to get the short cut for cost down and R&D.
  8. Please feel free to browse around. We thank you for your interest in Cheerson Industry! If you have any questions, please feel free to call staff at (886) 4-768-2345. (Taiwan) any time, or skype us(Skype ID: irivetw). Again, Welcome to CHEERSON INDUSTRY.
  9. The value of our existence is to help you succeed.
  10. A new technique to Combine Cold-Forging and Secondary Lathe Work make a Breakthrough Cost Down which replace the expensive CNC lathe parts! I’d like to emphasize again, The value of our existence is to help you succeed.
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